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Dr. Aaron Halliday had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Nick Hobson on a recent episode of the It's All a Bunch of B(ehavioural) S(cience) Podcast. In this episode they discuss the deep interrelatedness between psychology and economics, the public relations problem that psychologists seem to have, the application of psychology to work and life, the researcher-practitioner gap, and the marriage between science and philosophy.

Dr. Aaron Halliday recently had the pleasure of discussing the scientist-data scientist gap with Dr. Ben Butina, host of the Department 12 podcast.

Two of the fastest growing jobs in the country are industrial and behavioural scientist and data scientists. Dr. Halliday happens to have a hand in both of these pies and, as a result, he often encourages curious psychologists (and other specialist professionals) to pick up programming languages like R or Python and supplement their already extensive range of skills with those of coding and data science. He believes that both professions could stand to benefit from one another. See what happens when science and data science collide!

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